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1. Tap the middle button below, and then tap on "Add to home screen".

2. Hit "Add".

3. A Gratii app icon should appear on your phone.

4. Game on!
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In the Up Next section of the Auctions page, you can swipe each one to the right to look for bonus gratii they might offer you! For example, some give you instant gratii just for checking out their website.

Certain special auctions even give out nightly bonuses if you Like or Follow them. As long as you continue to Like/Follow them, every night you will be sent a gratii bonus as a token of appreciation -- the more auctions you find to Like and Follow, the bigger the bonus you'll wake up to each morning!

p.s. We can never post anything to your wall/feed or access your personal information; this is only to earn bonus gratii.

Refer your friends
What's the easiest way to earn gratii quick? Tell your friends. Every friend you refer will earn you bonus gratii. Just make share you tell them to type your username into the referral field when they create their account.
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