Gratii’s mission is to harness the power of mobile technology to level the playing field between marketer and consumer. We deliver innovative marketing experiences that are effective, entertaining, and profitable for both brands and consumers.

We believe that a change to the marketing experience is not only necessary, but inevitable. Marketers have had the home field advantage for far too long now. As such, consumers are on the extreme defensive. Spam lists, black lists, do not call lists, interruptive ads and commercials; is this any way to win the hearts of consumers?

If fans are to flock back in droves, entertainment must exceed expectations. Here at Gratii, we provide the stadium to help marketers perform their best and reignite a loyal fanbase they once aimed to inspire. With the most engaging mobile rewards solution on the planet, Gratii reunites brands with consumers in a fundamentally heightened approach to digital strategy.

Through Gratii, marketers and consumers are settling their differences, showing their appreciation, and interacting once again. #WellPlayed

Brian Feldman | Founder
Role: Lead company strategy and technical development.
Resumé: UMD class of '10. B.S. Finance. Studied int'l business in Australia and Dubai. Founded event production & brand development company in '09. Gratii was bootstrapped off the success of that venture. Self-taught database architect and mobile/web developer. Solutions Engineer at Distil Networks.
Personal: From Potomac, MD. Free-time music blogger. Played soccer for Maryland's Olympic Development Program team. Member of MENSA.
Fun fact: Gratii comes from the Latin derivative Gratis, meaning "To give away for free".

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